Flexible Underwriting – The Benefits of Working With An Independent Insurance Agent

insurance agent and customer

Not all homeowners realize the differences between using a ‘captive’ insurance agent who only works for one specific company and an independent insurance agent who can look for the best deal from a variety of insurance companies. This article examines the benefits of independent insurance agents in more detail.

Quotes From a Variety of Insurance Companies

Because an independent insurance agent has access to more than one insurance company, they can get quotes from several of them simultaneously. This means that if a particular company is quoting you an astronomical rate – or even refusing coverage – because you have a wood-burning stove, a swimming pool, or a particularly aggressive type of dog, the agent will be able to get quotes from several other companies until a more reasonable one is obtained. Yet you will only have to provide your personal information once.

You Can Remain with Your Agent When You Switch Insurance Providers

Sometimes you might be very happy with the quality of service an insurance agent has been providing. Yet, you are not satisfied with the service and/or prices of the particular company you are insured with. In the case of a captive agent, changing insurers will also mean changing agents. However, if you use an independent agent, there is no reason to change agents when you move to a different insurer.

More Objective Advice

A captive agent is much more likely to act on behalf of the company they work for. After all, they represent the insurance company and are expected to protect its interests. There is, therefore, good reason to take their advice with a pinch of salt. Chances are much better that the advice given by an independent agent will be in your best interest.

A Single Source That Meets All Your Insurance Needs

With an independent agent, you can do all your insurance shopping under one roof. They typically offer several types of insurance such as car, homeowners, personal possessions, commercial, and even umbrella policies. They can also help you get the best policy for your classic car, pet, or special event. All you have to do is discuss your needs with the agent, sit back, and wait until the quotes arrive on your desk. And then, you can sit down with the agent and discuss why some of them are particularly high (or low) and which one would be the most suitable for your particular circumstances.

Licensed Professionals Who Can Help You Decipher the Technical Jargon

The typical insurance policy is riddled with technical jargon, exclusions, and conditions. This often makes it difficult for ordinary people to understand what is covered, what isn’t, and under which circumstances that cover might become null and void. As a result, many policyholders end up buying insurance they don’t actually need or fail to get cover for something really important. With an independent insurance agent, you are much more likely to get an objective explanation of the policy’s fine print so you can make the right decision.

The Bottom Line About Flexible Underwriting

We hope the information in this article has answered many of your questions about why flexible underwriting is the better option. If you have any further questions, or if you would like to meet one of our representatives to discuss your insurance needs, feel free to contact us without delay.