Thousands of companies across the country have walked away from conventional insurance in favor of the Group Captive Insurance Concept. Whether your company purchases conventional insurance, utilizes large deductibles or is already involved with another Captive Program, we urge you to learn how you may turn a business expense into a profit center.

The benefits to Captive owners are compelling:

  • Premiums are based upon your loss history – not your industry.
  • Earn interest income (averaging 4-8%) on Loss Reserve Funds.
  • Unused premium dollars are returned in the form of a dividend.
  • Reduce premiums and enhance your operating income.
  • Contain your corporate tax burden by enjoying the inflows of Captive Program profits in a tax preferred environment.

Who is eligible for the Group Captive Insurance Program:

  • Businesses that pay a minimum of $150,000 annual premium for their General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Automobile policies.
  • Businesses committed to risk management with¬†good safety practices.
  • Businesses with above average loss history.