Should I Buy My Insurance Online? (part 2)

“Of course you would say that. You’re an agent.” Growing consumer confidence in the Independent Agency system proves this point, as Independent Agency market share of personal auto insurance continues to show growth. Despite massive Television and internet advertising campaigns that lend familiarity to a number of national insurance companies and drives consumers to “get a quote online,” the independent agency system continues to gain market share.

Ben Salzmann, President and CEO of Acuity Insurance, recently stated that ‘Independent Agent market share for personal auto insurance was 25% three decades ago and is 33% today.’ On October 1, 2013, Auto-Owners Insurance Company issued a public “Declaration to Independent Insurance Agents and the Independent Agency System.” The Declaration proclaims 100% commitment to conducting business exclusively through the Independent Agency System. Auto-Owners recognizes their success is heavily due to the personal level of service their policyholders achieve through independent agents. The Independent Agency system grows not with hundred million dollar advertising campaigns, but with personalized service, competitive prices and performance. The Independent Agent is not employed by a single insurance company, bound by its rates and terms, but has the ability to compare rates and plans with a variety of insurance companies – not just one. This dynamic gives the Independent Agency customer the advantages of competitive pricing and genuine personalized care.