You make connections and develop relationships as effortlessly as Chuck Norris performs a roundhouse kick to the face. Winning a sale by bringing value to your client is where you shine.

Before going to sleep, Sales Goals look for you under their bed. You are a competitor and a winner.  Those who know you describe you as an outgoing and engaging go-getter.  You are good enough. You are smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. Confidence comes naturally to you and you are not afraid to take risks.

Eager to get every day started, YOU tell your alarm clock when to wake up. The Sales Professionals we want on our team are self-motivated and driven to earn the client’s trust, confidence and business. The persuasive individual who has a passion for excellence will prosper if they are fueled by honorable victories. If greed drives your win-at-all-costs approach and you believe rules were made to be broken, then you will fail here.

Integrity Midwest Insurance is on a mission to find great Sales Professionals who urgently and relentlessly compete for great clients. We have a fantastic group of professionals who can help you process the details, which allows you to focus on building relationships and closing deals. Take charge like Chuck Norris and give your sales goals a roundhouse kick to the face at Integrity Midwest Insurance.

Major Tasks and Key Responsibilities:

  • Sell insurance products to individuals and/or businesses
  • Acquire account information and present solutions
  • Review risk exposure and determine clients’ needs
  • Represent the Integrity Midwest Insurance name and brand with dignity

Job Overview and Requirements:

  • Job Type: Insurance Sales Professional
  • Work Hours: Full time
  • Required Education: High School or GED
  • License: Current Property & Casualty license (preferred)
  • Location: Lawrence, KS or Eudora, KS


Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Eudora Lawrence

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